Saturday, 9 July 2016

Our recent Bus Journey with Stagecoach

This week Kier and I did something really different from the ordinary (well, for us anyway!) We caught a Bus into town and back! I don't think Kier has ever been on a Bus before! So needless to say he really enjoyed the whole experience. He loved seeing things like the doors opening and people getting on the bus and finding a seat. He really took it all in. Every time the bus stopped he watched carefully as each passenger walked into the Bus, and again when they got off.

The bus Journey lasted around 20 minutes. Kier wasn't happy about getting off the bus but he understood that we would need to get back on to go Home.

I haven't been on a Stagecoach Bus since before i passed my driving test, which was 7 years ago!
I was very surprised with how much the Buses have changed since then. The bus we were on was a newer Stagecoach bus. It felt very clean and was even equipped with free wifi and USB charging points - so if i had been child free i could have used those 20 minutes to reply to e-mails or check out whats happening on Facebook!

But i couldn't try out the Wifi unfortunately, as i was too busy singing "wheels on the bus" 12 times and waving to all the cars and other buses going past with my very excited 2 year old!
We got chatting to the bus driver who was very friendly and also very helpful as i told him i hadn't been on a bus in a long time and never before in my new location.

My bus experience with a 2 year old was great, we didn't have to wait around for long and I was very happy with the ticket prices. We didn't have Kier's pushchair with us but if we had there would have been plenty of room for it and others too. This was 1 of the problems i used to have in my earlier bus days with a baby!

I believe these newer buses are now fitted with CCTV which is very reassuring.

This week is "Catch the Bus" week.  So there is no better time to get out there and save yourself the driving or walking, when you could be sitting back comfortable on your iphone while you travel!

Did you know, on average we spend six hours per week commuting ... "imagine what you could do with an extra 6 hours per week".

In those six hours, Stagecoach have worked out the average commuter could do ...

1. 12 Facetimes catch ups with friends and family using the free Wifi onboard.
2. In one year of commuting by bus, you could read about 52 books!
3. Bus commuters could learn French onboard in just half a year!
4. Bus commuters could watch every episode of Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad in a year!
5. You could knit 28 scarves a year!
6. Enough time to read 8,550 newspaper articles
7. A third of bus commuters listen to other people’s conversations!

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