Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My new Summer job and why i'm loving it

 As many of my readers will know, I have been a Ofsted registered Childminder for 3 and a half years now! I have mostly had children who have stayed with me for up to 2 years and watching these children grow and learn has been amazing. I love child minding and plan to do it until Kier starts school in 2018 but as my current little one left a few weeks ago I decided it would be nice to take a break from Childminding just for the Summer Holidays. My partner Matt has his own Gardening business and has been over run with work lately, he asked me if I would like to go out Gardening with him over the Summer. At first i laughed and said I couldn't ever do gardening, I don't like getting mucky and i really don't like creepy crawlies! I'd be a really rubbish Gardener, i'm sure!

Matt convinced me to give Gardening a go. The weather was nice so maybe i'd just give it a try this one time. I didn't really have any old scruffy clothes to wear, just a pair of Welly boots really. I had a look online and came across some lovely Gardening gear from Engelbert Strauss workwear. They had some amazing work clothes specially for Gardeners, i'll really look the part wearing Green work clothes! Next i needed some decent Gardening gloves, just because i really don't want my skin to come into contact with any bugs! Urgh!!

I headed out for my new work the next morning after dropping the girls off at school and Kier at his Nana's house. I didn't really know what to expect, I just hoped there wasn't too many snails and slugs about as it was quite a drizzly day!
Matt gave me some little jobs to do, the first one was weeding! I don't think i had ever pulled a weed out in my entire life! I must have pulled about 50 out that day, and I really enjoyed it! Specially when the roots came out with the weed all in one go!! I did come across a few wood louse which was annoying but it wasn't so bad!  Next i needed to tidy up all the old crusty brown leaves, Matt had bought me an awesome Leaf Grabber set for this particular job. He bought them in a Garden centre on the way to the job cos he knew I wouldn't like doing it with my bare hands in case crawlies went up my arms!
After the leaf clearance I went on to clear all the bits of Leaves from the hedges that Matt had strimmed.

I only spent 2 hours helping Matt but it was enough for one day. I was so tried afterwards and the next day my legs were hurting! I have since helped Matt with Gardening a few times and I am really enjoying it. It's so peaceful, and nice to spend time with Matt while we work cos i don't actually get to see him often in the day! I also really liked spending time outdoors while working. I am enjoying my new little Gardening job and will probably miss it when the Summer holidays end and my new Child minded children start with me!

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