Saturday, 23 July 2016

In Review - Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van

 I am a huge fan of Sylvanian Families, to be asked to review some on my blog was a very big and exciting deal for me. I had a few sets when i was little, and i remember buying Amelie her first Sylvanian Families set for Christmas when she was 5 years old. She is now almost 9 and still has the huge Hotel in her room filled with about 6 different families! She had just started telling me she was too old for Sylvanian families and asking if we could put the Hotel in Lotties roon for her to play with, but then the amazing Sylvanian Families Hot dog van arrived in the post. "Shall we give it to Lottie as you're too old for them now?" I asked Amelie. She completely disagreed and insisted she wasn't too old for them! I knew she would love playing with the hot dog van and i was right. The girls played for hours with the hot dog van, making a que of families outside the van and taking their orders, they loved it and i loved playing it too. You're NEVER too old for Sylvanian Families!

What we thought

I love this cute and colourful hot dog van, it has the same amazing quality as all Flair products have. It has fantastic and very realistic features which is why kids love Sylvanian Families so much!
I love how there are ready made hot dogs or if you prefer you can slot a sausage inside the rolls to create your own, you can even serve it in a special little paper box just like in real life!
After a hot dog your families can purchase a waffle or Pretzal for dessert! or a cup of Coffee? There is even a Ketchup and Mustard bottle. They really do think of everything!
The van doesn't come with a figure but does include an apron for your favourite figure to wear when they are at work in the van!

In my opinion, all Sylvanian Families play sets are worth every penny, I have never been dis-satisfied with any of the products. They are made from tough sturdy plastic and they can be passed down to siblings for years as long as all the teeny tiny pieces are kept safe.

The Sylvanian Families hot dog van retails at around £24.99.  See more from the Sylvanian Families range at Toys R Us, John Lewis, Argos and Smyths.

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