Friday, 29 July 2016

In Review: Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre

The Fist Two then Blue children love reviewing products for me, Schleich is one of their favourites and we are very lucky to say we have reviewed quite a few lovely Schleich products lately!
This one in particular is going to be hard to beat, the girls loved playing with the Horse Club Riding Centre, like all Schleich products is it very well detailed and full of endless play.

This playset is one of the newer sets, it's very pretty and colourful and comes with so many cute accessories. This riding school can be quickly transformed into an open riding arena, it has troughs, saddle and bridle holders and movable gates and windows.

This amazing playset is the ideal home for all your existing Horse Club figures. It's large enough to hold many other figures too, this gives me some good ideas for Amelies Birthday next month!
The girls enjoyed adding the provided stickers later on, to add a real finishing touch to their beautiful new playset which they are very proud of! They have decided to keep it up in Amelies room rather than the Play room as they don't want little brother to get his little hands on it! I'm sure he will at some point though!

Schleich have recently released an online brochure called "Educational play the Schleich way" it provides us parents with very useful information about how we can create fun and educational ways to play with these beautiful life like toys with our children, and how to get the full benefit of them. I found the game hints and ideas very useful to help improve my toddlers speech development.

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