Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In Review - Classic Peppa Pig Toys

 Peppa Pig has always been a big hit with all 3 of our children. It was Amelie's all time favourite from the age of 16 months. I remember her getting lots of Peppa Pig toys for her 2nd Christmas! Peppa Pig was also Lotties first favourite tv show. She visited Peppa Pig World for her 3rd birthday and since then we have been back there another 3 times! Now we have Kier, he fell in love with Peppa Pig when he was around 1, although he has now found a new love for Thomas and friends, he still watches Peppa Pig every day. All the old peppa pig toys are still played with by Kier and the children I look after. All children seem to love Peppa Pig and the toys are just so fun to play with!

I was very excited to be asked to review some new Peppa Pig toys, as I hadn't bought any of the newer ones.

The first one to be tried out was Peppa Pig's Holiday time Air Jet. We have all seen the episode of Peppa Pig where she goes on a family Holiday to Italy. Peppa demands to sit near to the window so she can see out, like all kids do!

This toy is lovely and chunky, it has been dropped on our wooden floor and few times and is still in tact! The doors and luggage compartment really open, so Peppa can take her belongings with her on Holiday! It includes a articulated Peppa Pig Figure and 2 Suitcases, the figure is different from all our other Peppa figures because this one is wearing a dress with an aeroplane on!

This is a fantastic toy, the best Peppa Pig toy i've seen so far. Kier and his older sisters love playing with it

Priced around £19.99 available from Argos

After Peppa's busy holiday, she will need to go home and unpack her suitcase!
Theres no better home for Peppa than the lovely Peppa's Home and Garden playset. This lovely little house shaped set comes with a Peppa figure, a See-saw and lots of important home accessories such as a TV and a Bed. The front of the house folds down which becomes Peppa's Garden, then at the end of the day it easily folds back up for easy storage. It even has a removable handle to carry it around when you are out and about!
The house play set is the perfect size for Children around 3 years of age. It is full of colour and looks just like Peppa Pig's home on the TV show. It has 5 different rooms and a Garden. Kier and the girls love this set, they especially love the fact that it has an Attic room!

Priced around £19.99 available from Argos

Check out this Video for a better look at the Classic Peppa Pig Toy Range.

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