Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ways to Save Money with a Young Family

Starting a family is without a doubt the most amazing thing you will ever do with your life. Being a parent and raising your own little person, and then doing it all over again with a 2nd, 3rd or 4th child if you're brave enough! However, as wonderful as it is to start a family, it comes at a price! Another mouth to feed, more clothes to wash, nappies, toys, childcare, school dinners, after school classes, days out, holidays. The more children you have the more money you will be forking out. I remember when i just had the 1 child, a family meal out would cost us around £35 - £40. Now with another 2 children we pay between £50-60 for a meal out!  It doesn't get easier either, the older they get the more you will be paying out!
Now that 2 of our children are at school, we are expecting to pay extortionate prices for Seaside holiday breaks. If you don't have school aged children you may not be aware that Holiday prices sore every time there is a half term!! Don't let this put you off having more children though!  Yes it is expensive but you can learn to be more careful with your money and save whenever you can. Sometimes chances to save money are easily missed when you are a busy parent rushing around.

Here are some ideas of how you can start being a little more careful with your money and maybe even save some!

Online Shopping

I usually do my weekly grocery shop online, and spend around £65. Occasionally i like to call into the supermarket and do the shopping myself, but i always spend more money this way! We always see things and think "ooh that looks nice" and buy it. We see more offers in front of our noses and buy them all even if we don't really need them. Shopping online is easy, hassle free and will end up being cheaper. Most supermarkets offer a free click and collect service too!

Voucher Codes

Shopping online will save you time and could save you money too. Always find out if there is a voucher code available before you hit the check out button. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can even browse voucher codes while you are on the go, download the app from the PromoVouchers website to be sure you don't miss out on any voucher codes.

Cheaper Days out

We are quite lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. We live right near to the Moors and the children love playing there and looking out for Animals, taking part in treasure hunts and running around like crazy! Kids just love to be able to have some freedom, you don't need to spend a fortune on expensive theme parks. They will be happy with a trip to the beach or the park.

Plan your Meals

I have wasted so much food in the past. Throwing out food that is passed it's sell by date is such a waste of money and can be avoided if you plan your meals for the week. Just a rough plan is all you need to be sure your food isn't going to waste. Make sure you use up fruit in the kids lunchboxes before it goes passed it's best. If you shop at a supermarket yourself, always grab your items from the back, usually their sell by date will be longer! If you have School aged children and you aren't entitled to free school meals you may find that providing them with a packed lunch is cheaper than paying for school dinners.

Sell your unwanted things

We all have tons of things that we don't want or need anymore. Have a sort out and set aside anything you have no use for. Sell your unwanted things on Ebay or if you have some time at the weekend try doing a car boot sale. I have done many of these and made between £30-£80 plus i made lots of space in my home.

            Thanks for reading and please share your Money Savings ideas in the comment box :-)

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