Thursday, 23 June 2016

Quick n Easy creative things to do with Toddlers

Water Painting
My mum recently suggested letting Kier paint the walls outside with Water, obviously it will dry up right away and wont make any mess apart from maybe getting a little wet.
I remember Amelie doing it when she was very little, it's very fun and very simple and entertains them for a while as well as getting their creative skills in to action!  Kier had so much fun and will no doubt be doing more wall painting again!

What you will need
a bucket a water, a thick painting brush and a wall or fence!

Finger Painting

This activity is a little messier than the others but if you have some baby wipes to hand you will be alright!!
You will only need a small amount of paint spread on piece of plastic, maybe about 3 different colours. using your fingers you can make some animal prints, then when it is dry try give your animals some features. Kier and I recently made a finger paint Train. He loved it and was very proud of his work!

What will you need

some paints and something to spread the paint on as you don't want to dip fingers in a tub of paint because that will be too much paint! The dryer the finger print the better!


This stuff is amazing. I recently introduced it to my toddler group to see what the little ones thought. They all loved mushing it together or on to cardboard to create a picture. I love how colourful their pictures were. We had some little ones trying to eat it but that didn't really matter as its safe for little ones even if they decide to eat it!

What is it

It's a natural versatile craft material which is 100% biodegradable and is harmless to the enviroment. It's made from Maize, water and food colouring. You only need to dab it with water to make it stick. No need for glue!

Where can i buy it from?

Available from Amazon, various prices.

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