Saturday, 4 June 2016

May half term fun - what weve been up to

 This May half term we have been having lots of fun without spending too much money as we are saving for our Holiday this month and hoping to get away again at the end of the year.

We started the week off be visiting the Fun Fair at Paignton. I was a little worried that Kier wouldn't enjoy it as he hasn't been loving fairground rides recently. We met him with my sister Miss Sparkles & Stretchmarks and her 3 little monkeys. I was nominated to take the girls and Tyne into the crazy house, oh what fun that was! I wouldn't recommend going in one with a 3 year old who is trying to catch up with a 6 and 8 year old... lethal!
After that we decided to try Kier on a ride, we thought he may want to go on after seeing his sisters and cousins going on the carousel ride. At first he didn't want to go, i decided to place him on a car on the carasel with Amelie and just see what happens, I was so glad that i did because once the ride started moving he had the biggest smile on his face, he loved it and wanted to have more goes.
It's lovely when a child overcomes a fear just like that, even if it did mean costing me a lot more money!!

The kids had a few days out with my mum and dad which was great as i got some tidying up done at home when i finished work. I even got to have an evening out with Matt at our favorite restaurant!

Later in the week we visited the Dartmoor Pony Centre, we hadn't been there for about a year or so. It was lovely to see the kids all having a great time. Places like this are my favorite because there is something for each of them. Amelie just loves animals, she enjoyed stroking the baby ponies and looking at the other animals, Lottie got involved with a chocolate coin treasure hunt and found about 25 chocolates, it was like Easter all over again! Kier had fun running around the play park, there is so much for Toddlers to do there he was spoiled for choice really!
The pony centre was great fun and probably the best day out of the week as Matt had a day off work and got to join us!

During the week the kids had quite a few late nights. We usually let the girls stay up watching a film til 9pm but this time we decided to play a game. I had recently been sent a new game to try out so we thought we would have a go!
The game is called Chicken Charades from University Games. I had never heard of it before but thought it sounded rather good!
The game is basically Charades, but with a plastic squeaky Chicken! Each player takes a card which has a charade written on, you must act out the charade.... using the Chicken!
It is as crazy as it sounds, and so much fun! We were all in fits of laughter trying to guess what the charade was as this poor chicken was used as a prop with each player!
Amelie pulled out a card that said "folding" she did well to fold the chicken in half but of course we never guessed that one! Another great one was "snooker" using the chicken as the snooker cue!
Chicken Charades is a great family game, it was suited to both of the girls ages too. This one is definitely coming with us on our family holiday next month!

Age 8+ years. For 3+ players. RRP £19.99. Available at Argos, Toys R Us and Amazon.

For our last day out we decided to head over to Torquay for a Picnic and Beach visit, but to our surprise the tide was in and there was no beach left for sandcastle building!
As there wasn't much else to do we wandered around for a bit, had an Ice cream and looked at the Boats in the harbour, the girls caught sight of the big wheel and asked if they could go on it. I wasn't sure how Kier would feel about it and I was by myself with the 3 children so thought it might not happen but worth a try! Luckily Kier didn't seem to mind about getting on a huge ride. The wheel took us 60 metres above the ground, the kids loved looking around the Bay from this height! It was amazing and a perfect end to our lovely week. I feel like we have done a lot and spent quality family time together.

So that was our May half term, we are already planning ahead for the Summer Holidays and are very much looking forward to it :-)

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