Tuesday, 7 June 2016

In Review ~ Something Special Magazine


 Today we have received our first Something Special magazine from a yearly subscription. This is Kier's first ever magazine so I was quite excited to see how he would find it. In my opinion the magazine is most suited to children aged 3 to 6 years. Kier is a little way off being 3 so there is a lot that he was a little young for yet but i was happy to see pages in the magazine that he was able to do and really enjoyed doing.
His favourite was using the stickers provided in the magazine. I tried to encourage Kier to place the stickers in the correct places, he really loved doing this.
He had a little go at colouring pages but he isn't very patient and usually gets bored of colouring within 1 minute!

In this issue there are some special interactive pages which Kier really enjoyed using. We downloaded the Blippar app to use with the magazine.
All you need to do is start the app on your phone or tablet, hover over the pages with the Blippar logo and watch the page become interactive through your phone. We watched Mr Tumble painting a rainbow on this page.
Using the app with the magazine was very easy to do and made it more fun for very young readers like Kier.

Kier was very chuffed with the Gifts in this issue. He got some play binoculars, a magnifying glass and a Mr Tumble puppet to make. I helped Kier make most of the puppet and he placed the Star stickers on Mr Tumbles night clothes. He was really proud of himself when it was finished, i think he thought he had made it all by himself!

Something special magazine is out in all good newsagents and costs £3.99. It includes Gifts, stories, things to make and do and a work book which supports the early years and P Scales curriculum. There is also lots and lots of stickers which is always a big hit with young children!
I love spending time with Kier when the girls are at school, reading stories and making things together is a great way of interacting with your children and at the same time they are learning! I am looking forward to reading the next issue with Kier already! :-)

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