Wednesday, 15 June 2016

In Review - Our Favourite cutesy Girl toys!

 Being a mummy of 2 Girls and a Boy, i feel I am a bit of an expert when it comes to children's toys! Having a 8, 6 and 2 year old you can imagine the amount of different toys in our home!
We have a Barbie dolls house filled with about 40 dolls, some are Barbies, some are Bratz, some are Ever After High! then we have the huge Our Generation collection which sadly Amelie is now growing out of. Then we have our play room which is filled with a mixture of different toys, some baby toys for the younger children I look after, and Kier's ever expanding Brio Train collection.

As kier is only 2 I am still getting used to boy toys, and it's really nice to have a change from girls toys BUT.. my favourite toys to play with with the girls is their baby dolls collection, we have a few different types of dolls but my favourite is their newest and very adorable Baby Born interactive doll.

I had a Baby Born doll when i was younger but they have changed so much now! They look more realistic than they used to and they have eyes that open and close which is a newer feature.
I used to love dolls that could drink a bottle of water and then wee! Baby born does just that and more!
Now available in both sexes, she/he has 8 life like functions and comes with 10 accessories. This smart dolly can eat, drink, use the potty, cries real tears. There are so many extras that you can buy for Baby born, Cots, Prams, fancy clothes and shoes, a Bath, the list goes on!

Amelie still plays with the baby dolls every once in a while but Lottie loves playing with them most. Kier is a real BOYISH boy but he too has had a good play with the dolls.
Our dolly box is full of real baby clothes as i kept all Amelie, Lottie and Kiers newborn clothes for them to dress their dolls up in!

Priced around £40
available from all good toy shops

Another very cute and very popular girls toy is Num Noms, if you haven't heard of them yet you will do soon, and the Num Noms advert tune will be stuck in your head for days!!!
These are completely different to Baby dolls! Probably more for older girls, i would recommend them for girls aged 5+ but the packet does say from age 3, I guess it depends on the child!

So what are they exactly?...  I'm not really too sure haha! My girls have Num Nom races with the motorized Num Noms, they do swaps in school with the scented tops. Oh, and we recently got one that actually opens up and has lip gloss inside! They really are very cute and smell amazing! There are hundreds of different scents and the idea is to collect them all. You can buy larger packs and see which ones you will get or have a surprise and buy mystery pots! I believe there are also play sets available!

Mystery Pots - £2.99
Starter 4 pack - £9.99
Deluxe 8 pack £14.99

From toys r us

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