Saturday, 18 June 2016

In Review - Brio Roller coaster set

If you read my latest Brio review you will know that my littlest monkey Kier has a strong interest in Trains. He loves everything about Trains, real ones and toy ones!
I didn't think Brio could get any better until last week when we received the brio Roller coaster set to review! I was shocked that i never even knew there was a funfair set available from Brio! How did i not know this? maybe there are thousands of other parents out there who don't know about this!
Hopefully this review will help spread the word for other mums who are new to the "toddler boys toys" world!

I think its safe to say that i enjoyed playing with this new set just as much as Kier did. Amelie and Lottie were also very keen to try it out. They played with it for well over an hour. The girls really liked the "Are you tall enough" post. Mostly because we have just come back from a Butlins holiday where every single ride had one of these signs!

For now i have boxed the set back up and have decided to give it back to Kier in a few months, as amazing as it is i think it's definitely one aimed at children 3 and over. I don't think Kier would even know what a Roller coaster is yet.

The set is easy enough to build, although very young children will need help building it! (In my opinion building the track is definitely a job for mummy or daddy!) There is quite a lot of pieces to it and it's quite tall! Once its all in place you can take the little cars up in the lift to the drop point. Then watch the car whizz around the track and back to the start ready for the next ride.
The set comes with 2 cars and 2 people.

My thoughts

I like all Brio sets but this one is amazing. Brio just keeps getting better and better. The set is very realistic. Children love the idea of a roller coaster, even if they have never been on one before.
I love how the little peole sit in the cars and don't fall off unlike the Oh Penny roller coaster set i had as a child!

If i had bought this set for Kier for his birthday i would be 100% satisfied with how well it works and how much play value there is to it.
The roller coaster set retails at around £39.99 and it without a doubt worth every penny.

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