Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hairstyles for your childs end of year Dance

The summer is approaching, and if you have children that means many things! It means you are preparing for them to be off school for a while. Before that, it might mean you have to help them with upcoming tests and exams. It may also mean that they have an end of year dance to attend! Whether you call it a ball, a prom or a dance, one thing is always the same. Girls want to look great!

You may have to leave picking the dress up to her, but she may come to you for help with her hair. If this happens, you’ll want to be prepared. Here are some brilliant ideas for hairstyles for your child end of year dance.
Big curls
Of course, heated tools can damage hair. For this reason, you may not let your child use them too often in her own hair. But for a special occasion, give her a free pass. If she washes her hair with shampoo with heat protectant in it, that will help. So will spritzing the hair with stand-alone heat protectant once dry. For a really smooth finish, heated tongs will be your best bet. It will also be far quicker than having her sleep in complex knots and plaits! Use a thinner curling wand for thinner, more princess-like curls. The thicker the wand gets, the bigger the curl will be. has more guidance on this. Little girls look super cute with a head full of princess curls. Slightly older girls may think that more variety looks cooler. If this is the case, combine big curls with smaller curls. Set with a hairspray so it lasts through the dance.


Pretty bows
An instant way to make hair look its prettiest it with bows. If your child is wearing a plain dress, she can use bows as a sort of statement feature. Meanwhile, if the dress already has bows on it, great! You are continuing the theme into her hairstyle. The other benefit of bows is that they can be fitted to pretty much any hairstyle. If she simply has her hair pulled back into a ponytail, you can clip one to the top of the tail. Or, use them to keep naughty, loose strands out of her eyes by placing a couple on either side of her hair. They also look gorgeous on the end of pigtails, especially if you get two matching ones. Check out for a huge range of colours and designs to match pretty much any outfit!


Au Natural
If your girl often has her hair tied up, this could be for many reasons. It might be because she plays a lot of sport, or perhaps her school requires it. If this is the case, encourage her to go au natural for a change! Whether this means wide and busy or flat and sleek, that’s okay! While she is still a kid she should be able to embrace her natural side. Keep any fly-aways in place with hairspray, and run straighteners very quickly through the ends if she is worried about frizz. Easy! If she is older and finds her colour boring, let her put a little wash-out pastel colouring in her ends.

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