Monday, 13 June 2016

Educational Play the Schleich way

 As a young child I always had all the latest toys,  our toy cupboard was always bursting with Games, Dolls, Lego, plays sets. It's funny seeing how certain toys and games I had as a child have changed over the years. My children have a few things that I had, for example, Baby Born.. she's bigger and better than she was when i was little and now she has a brother and multicultural friends!! Another thing i recently bought for our children is the very popular game Buckaroo, that too has changed so much! I much prefer the old version!

Even though we had so much as children there is 1 thing we never had, and that is Schleich animal figures. I remember going through an Animal obsession like must children do at the age of 8 or 9. If i had seen these figures in a shop i'm sure i would have wanted them! Maybe i never did see them in a toy shop? I have recently notice the big sign that says Schleich in our local toy shop, but i always walked past and never took much notice. To be honest i think i thought they were just plastic animal figures, like the kind you buy in a tub for £2 in Home Bargains! Only now that we have been sent some Schleich animals for the children to try out I realise how fantastic they actually are! I have never seen toy animal figures look so realistic, it's incredible. My younger self would have played with these for hours and hours!

These are the kind of toys you won't be selling at a Car boot sale for 20p when your kids have grown out of them! (and i do sell most of their old toys for 20p at carboot sales!!!) I will be sure to treasure them for a long time, with such good quality toys like these they can be and will be used for generations. I am already looking forward to adding more to our little collection.

I decided to capture some pictures of the figures outside in my garden, in what looks like their natural habitat. I was quite impressed with how real the Animals look in the pictures!

I have been using the Schleich play brochure to give me ideas about different ways the children can play with their new Animals. The figures have so much educational value, it is worth downloading the brochure to give you ideas on educational ways to play with them with your child. Although the animals can be played with however the children like, it's great to have a brochure full of game tips and ideas to stimulate their minds and help them to learn through play. I found this very helpful for playing with the animals with Kier, who is only 2 and a half.

The brochure also gives you useful information about how to help develop your child's educational skills. The sectional I found most useful in the brochure is "How to encourage language skills through play" Kier's language skills are a little behind his sisters when they were his age. I'm not worried too much as he is coming on leaps and bounds!  There are some great ideas that i am currently trying out with him.

Schleich animals can be purchased separately or as part of a play set. Good toy retailers such as Smyths will stock Schleich products.

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