Tuesday, 7 June 2016

5 gift ideas for your kids

Although it happens frequently, it never changes. Your child arrives home from school, clutching a bedraggled invitation to yet another party for one of their classmates. As you scan the invitation, you try to get your child to hint at what might be a good gift. More often than not, they have no idea, and that means you’ve got a shopping task on your hands.

Buying gifts for children you don’t know well is a minefield. If you know their parents, you can always dig that mine for tips, but this can seem a little impersonal. Below are a few ideas to help resolve the situation.

1. Avoid Anything Gender-Specific

With various campaigns launched on social media to de-gender a variety of toys, it’s a wise move to steer clear of these items to avoid offence. So, avoid pink and dolls for girls and trucks and Action Men for the boys. This is especially true if you don’t know the parents well. While they may not have an issue with gender-specific toys, unless you know for sure, don’t take the risk.

2. Stay Away From The Cliches

On an almost annual basis, parents find themselves buying endless items on a similar theme. Crazes come and go, and while they may seem like the obvious option, you are likely just going to add or even duplicate an existing collection. Try to find something timeless, that is not immediately going to be out of date as soon as the packaging is opened. You can do this without blowing your budget.

3. Gift Vouchers Don’t Have To Be A Cliche

Forever the reserve of buying gifts for people you don’t know, you may wish to avoid gift vouchers. However, they are a cliche for a reason. You can personalise your selection by attempting to find out what the child actually enjoys. Perhaps they’re a voracious reader, and thus a book token would be welcomed. If they’re more outdoorsy, go for a high street outwear and sporting brand. This small change can make vouchers seem more personal than they actually are.

4. Personalised Is Always Good

A surefire way to make even the more general of gifts seem more thoughtful is to have something personalised. Personalised gifts can be anything from photo frames to colouring pencils for younger children. On their own, these gifts are unimpressive and impersonal, but a simple engraving changes all of that. Consider specialist sites and find something that suits.

5. Useful but Frivolous

If all else fails, then it’s worth looking for an item that is useful but not essential. This allows you to have appeared as if much thought has gone into it, while still allowing the item not to be relied on for regular use. Items such as wellington boots and decorative drinking glasses  fall into this category.

No one is saying it’s an easy process, but it is unfortunately a necessary evil. Bear this in mind when it comes to your own child’s birthday and try a wish list that means no excess unwanted gifts. In the mean time, do the best that you can. Even worrying about this shows you care, and should result in something good.

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