Wednesday, 1 June 2016

4 essentials to consider before baby's arrival

Being the Mum of three children, I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be thought about before a little one arrives. Pregnancy can be both a difficult and wonderful time. There is lots to think about and lots to prepare for. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed with all the decision you have to make. Consider some of the issues below so you are a step ahead when baby makes an appearance.


I bet you're thinking, how is nappies a choice? They are definitely going to need them. You're right; they will need them and some! But you do need to think about the kind of nappies that you are going to use. I favour the reusable type. They are way better for the environment and save money for you. If you're not sure which sort of Nappy is going to work best for you, check out this article for some help.


2. Nursery

Where is your baby going to sleep? One of the most fun things to prepare before the birth is the nursery. If you know whether your bundle of joy is going to be a pink one or a blue one, you might have a specific colour and theme in mind. If you are waiting to find out, you might want to go with a more neutral option. Back in the day, these choice have been green and yellow, but I’ve seen some lovely examples using pure white and grey too. Once you have painted, you use nursery wall art to make it even more personalised to your theme.

Once you’ve got the colour sorted, it's time to think about furniture. Of course, a babies rooms needs different furniture to a normal bedroom. You’ll definitely need a cot and somewhere to store clothes. Other things to consider are a changing table, a feeding chair and a mobile. Changing tables that have raised sides for safety are great. It's also fantastic if they have lots of room for changing supplies, as this can help you keep the space organised and clean. When thinking about feeding chairs you want to go with comfort for you and for baby. It is nice to have a dedicated place where you can sit and make the best of your quality bonding time. Mobiles are one of the most fun parts of decorating a baby's nursery. There are so many different options to choose from. You might go for a handmade version or one that fits the nursery theme. You might even be lucky enough to have a friend or family member buy one for you.


Ok. I know all this sounds expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Grabbing a fantastic preloved Nursery bargain is a great way to save some cash and help the environment.

3. Routine or Baby led

Another key issue for Mums and Dads to be is whether to try and get the baby into a routine or follow the baby's routine? Well, let me tell you, you'll definitely being doing the latter, at least for the first few weeks! After that, you need to consider which parenting style is going to work best for you as a family. Many people have a lot of success with a defined routine. However for some, the cost of hearing a baby crying and not being able to go to them is too much, and they let their little one settle into their own schedule.

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