Monday, 9 May 2016

Yummy Scrummy Healthy Snacks


 Each day between 10 - 11am we have Snack time, as a childminder it is important to keep Snack time as healthy as possible, of course we still have the odd biscuit or treat of some kind but only after all the healthy snacks have been eaten!

Last week we tried some new snacks, something a bit different to our usual Raisins, rice cakes and pieces of fruit. We tried some delicious Fruit bars and Smooshy pouches from the brand new Ella's Kitchen Superheroes Snack range.

They were a big hit with the toddlers and i am looking forward to trying them out with the older children I look after in the school holidays!


My very fussy 2 year old loved the fruity bars, his favorite is the Pineapple and Coconut.
These snacks are perfect for pre schoolers lunch boxes. I will be sure to pick up some more fruity bars for Kier to take with him to pre school next week. As he doesn't eat much fruit or veg it's reassuring to know he is getting some goodness from these bars and the pouches.

Yummy snack bars available
pineapple and coconut
raspberry and mango
banana and raisin 

Yummy smooshy pouches available

juicy orange and carrot
strawberry and beetroot smoothies
mango and pumpkin
apple and cucumber

Also ideal for older children's lunch boxes or a quick snack in the car in between school pick up and after school clubs!

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