Thursday, 19 May 2016

The very First Car Journey with Baby

 I can just about remember the very first car Journey home from hospital with my first born Amelie, who is now nearly 9! The other 2 are still quite fresh in my memory! I remember Lottie screaming all the way home, i don't think she was quite ready to leave the nice warm Hospital! I remember being in agony with my c-section stitches and asking Matt to drive carefully and to try to avoid any pot holes! Every corner he turned i would clutch my tummy and complain he wasn't driving slowly enough! It was quite a similar experience with our 3rd baby as he was also born by c-section. Before the arrival of each of our children we have always made an effort to insure our family car is safe and our babies are all safe when traveling in it.

                                  Newborn Lottie - minutes before her very first Car journey

At the moment they each have a car seat and Booster seats suitable for their age, I have a few spares for childminding too. I like car seats that can be fitted with the Isafix base because they feel so secure, I have had a few Britax car seats and i dont think these car seats can be beaten! They are very secure and very comfortable for baby and are built to last!

                                              Kier getting ready to travel - age 5 weeks

Before the arrival of each baby, we had our tyres checked and had new ones replaced if we needed to. Point-S car tyre dealers have a complete range of tyres along with prices available online. It's so important to think about tyre safety when traveling with a young family but with busy family life it's quite often something that is pushed right back on the "to do" list. I had a bad experience with my car's back tyre's about a year ago when traveling to Liverpool to visit relatives. It was very scary as we were traveling on the motorway at around 70 mph. There was a strange noise coming from the back of the car, as if something was being dragged along under our car. We pulled over onto the hard shoulder and checked it out when it was safe to do so. I was so shocked to see our Tyre was ripped to shreds! Luckily we were taken to a motorway services by the RAC and had our car towed along, a mechanic fitted a new Tyre for us and we were on our way again. Nobody was sure what caused our Tyre to blow like this, it could have been a number of reasons but it taught me that no matter how busy my life gets, there is always time to regularly have our Tyre's checked, just like we did back when we were expecting our new arrivals. With such precious cargo on board it is never worth taking any risks!

Now that we have 3 children and i work as a Childminder I decided to go for a much bigger car. My citroen Grand Picasso is an ideal family car. It has 7 seats, power steering, built in sun shades, pull down trays on the back seats. Perfect for a bigger family and it feels very safe to drive.


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