Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Siblings Project - May

For this months Sibling Project i am sharing some pictures from our day out Last weekend. We visited our closest local attraction Trago Mills, a shopping centre with huge grounds, lots of rides, bouncy castle, Pet corner, model railway and a little Train that goes all around the grounds.
Trago Mills is only a stones throw from our house, every weekend we can hear the little steam train tooting from our garden! "Train Train!" Kier shouts very excitedly!
The girls really wanted to stay in and play but we all agreed it would be nice to get out for a little while and to see Kier enjoying a ride on the Train that he hears every day!

  All aboard the Trago train!

We all enjoyed the Train ride, eve if it did last for about 35 minutes! The girls went on some rides later on and spent their pocket money in the store!
Oh - and we all ate some Ice cream, of course!


  1. Aww I used to go on the train at Tragos when I was little - that and a sticky bun from the bakery was our big treat to put up with what felt like an eternity of my parents choosing lightbulbs or whathaveyou! It looks like it's just as much fun now as it was then!

  2. Haha - the train is great isnt it?! My partner says nothing has changed at Trago in 25 years, he loves seeing our kids go on all the little rides that he used to go on too! :-)