Sunday, 1 May 2016

Meet the Vileda Superheros!

 As many of my readers may know from previous posts and reviews, I have a bit of a thing about my house being lovely and clean! As soon as those children are in bed, Boomf! Mop out, Hoovers on, bleach spraying here, there and everywhere!

So, i am very excited to share this news about my favorite cleaning brand Vileda. This week Vileda have introduced a Grime Fighting team of Superhero's!  Each superhero has their own cleaning power!

They all sound amazing - but my favourite is the Speed Demon!

The Teleporter

Join forces with the 100°C Hot Spray Mop and become the leader of the Vileda superhero team. Cordless and lightweight - you'll teleport to each dimension of your home with complete ease and no need to switch plug sockets. After just 90 seconds, just spray and wipe away that bacteria – no steam required.

The Speed Demon 

Zap away 99.9% of bacteria with our lightweight Steam Mop. Fill with water, wait 15 seconds and BAM! You are ready to go! Its swivel head allows you to whoosh and dodge around your furniture with ease and as quick as a flash – your floors will sparkle. You are a Speed Demon!

The Shape Shifter 

Your windows will have never looked so clean with this lightweight little sucker! Shape-shifting by 15 degrees, the cordless Windomatic flexes its prowess at every turn and vacuums right into those tricky corners for a streak-free, super-human result!

The Invisible 

Our Cleaning Robot is your partner in the fight against grime - simply set it and forget it! Your invisible friend will do the hard work, vanishing the dust and crumbs as it goes so you can pop your feet up with a brew in hand! The stuff of legend!

In a perfect world i'd own every single one! If you are interested in purchasing any of these cleaning weapons you should buy directly from Vileda to be in with a chance of winning one of the others! Hurry though! You only have until 8/5/16.

Pictured below is my lovely Vileda mop which has recently met an unfortunate end. (Matt decided to use it to clean up the decking in our Garden!!) I am thinking this may be a great opportunity to try out the new steam mop. I love to mop because i love the dark wooden floors in our new home, the shinier I can get my floors the happier I am! Maybe this would be a good sorry present from Matt to buy for me? I'll start throwing out some hints!! :-) Watch this space!


Are you keen to try out these new Super hero weapons? I would love to hear what your thoughts are so please leave comments! :-)

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