Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lonely planet kids Book Review

 Today Amelie, Lottie and myself have been doing a little Geography home learning! We have been using the internet to research famous landmarks such as our favourite Stone Henge, Leaning tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, the great wall of China and many others. Amelie loves learning about different parts of the world.
We have been exploring London,  New York and Paris using these beautiful pop up books from Lonely planet kids. These books are ideal for children with a thirst for knowledge, both of my girls have loved reading them and have learnt so much from them already. I have loved reading them myself!

These lovely little books retail at £5.99 each

We have also loved browsing at these 3 books from the Lonely planet kids collection. I am keeping the travel map back to give to the girls in a few years time when we have traveled to more places. I always wanted to have a map that I could use to mark the places I had been, but I hadn't ever left the country when I was their age so there would have been no point at all!

Retails at £9.99

The travel journal is fantastic, i would have loved to have one of these when i was little. Amelie loves filling in information about herself, this journal has kept her very busy which is great. It's lovely to have something like this to look back on when they are grown up, and remember the fun family moments we shared together.

Retails at £8.99

The Bordom buster is a great activity book for children around 8 - 10 years old. Its packed full of games to keep them busy and keep their mind ticking! I have had a go at some of the games in there myself and I find it quite fun for adults too!

Retails at £5.99

Amelie is keeping her new book collection safe in this lovely little travel bag, i'm hoping she will remember to bring them along on our next trip to keep us all busy!

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