Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table Review

 We have recently mis-placed our water table when we moved house last August. Kier loves to play with Water in the Garden and as a child minder it's something quite important to have. So i was thrilled to be asked to review the Spinning Seas Water Table from Little Tikes!

I thought it would be quite difficult to assemble as there were some screws in the package and lots of bits. Surprisingly I did it with no help from anyone and had it assembled within 30 minutes!
Kier couldn't wait to try it out, he's not very patient when it comes to waiting so i'm glad he didn't need to wait long!
The table is a lot bigger than i expected, there is plenty of room for 3 children to play in it all at the same time which is great.

Kier seemed to really enjoy swishing the water around with the Water scoop, he was very excited when he discovered the Balls. I showed Kier how to drop the Balls into the Ball drop in the middle, of course he wanted to try it out for himself too! He is loving all the gadgets on this Water Table!

Kier's favourite feature is the Ball flipper, we placed a ball on and flipped it into the Ball Drop. He laughed so much at this, especially when it missed and we had to go running around the Garden collecting all the Balls!
Our last water table didn't have a plug to make draining the water easier, this one does which makes re filling it each day a lot easier!

The water table is best suited to 2 year olds and over. The little girl I look after is 14 months old, she enjoyed playing with the Water and dropping the Balls in, but she was much too small to put the Balls into the Ball drop. I guess that's why it's for older toddlers?

I love having the water table out in the Garden at all times, this one is so sturdy, no wobbly legs like our last one! I am pretty confident that it will last a long while! and I love the colour of it (our last one was Pink, too girly for Kier!)

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