Friday, 27 May 2016

Kier's First Ride

 This week we have been experience something very new and exciting with Kier. We have made the plunge to move him from a baby trike to a big boy balance Bike!
It has been a slow process - 1 week later and we are still trying to convince him that his Balance bike is fun and safe!

The Y Velo balance bike from yvolution is the perfect first bike for little ones aged 3 and up. Kier is only 2 years and 8 months, not quite big enough yet for such a grown up bike!
He is quite little and very baby like, I don't think he will really be ready to try riding this bike on his own for quite some time, but for now he enjoys being pushed up and down the living room on it and feels quite safe with us holding onto the back of it!

The bike looks and feels just like a real big kids bike, the only thing missing is the pedals! The child sits on the bike and pushes it along with their feet, while they are using the bike this way they are learning to balance without even realizing! Once they have learnt to balance on a bike they will be ready to conquer the next step, riding a real bike without stabilizers!

Why choose a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes were not as popular when Amelie was a toddler, and i somehow missed them again with Lottie. I often see kids as young as 5 riding their bikes without stabilizers, i wonder how they learnt so young as Amelie was 7 and a half when she learnt to ride her Bike properly! I kept hearing about how good balance bikes were and that children will learn to ride at a young age if they use Balance bikes first. So i decided that our boy would be an early rider and to do that he needed a balance bike!

With summer here there is no better time to teach little ones to ride a bike, we are hoping to get our 6 year old Lottie riding without stabilizers this Summer! She has been practicing on Kier's balance bike which i think is helping her a lot. The seat and handle bars can easily be adjusted to make it perfect for Lottie's size.

I love the chunky wheels on this bike, and I like the padded handle bars. These little bikes are such a great way to get toddlers used to what a real bike feels like, and at the reasonable price of  £49.99 it isn't even going to cost much to give little ones the confidence they need before learning to ride a real Bike by themselves.

I don't have much to compare to as this is our first balance bike but i am sure it is one of the best on the market. A friend told me she had the same bike for her little boy and he has had many years enjoyment out of it. I am thinking this bike will probably grow with Kier also, as it is a very rigid and sturdy bike.
Yvolution seem like a very trustworthy brand, I already have my eye on their lovely scooters for when we have mastered the balance bike!

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  1. An associate informed me the girl got a similar motorcycle to be with her minor son along with she has got decades entertainment out of it. We are contemplating this specific motorcycle probably will expand using Kier in addition, while it is just a quite rigorous along with tough motorcycle.