Saturday, 21 May 2016

Brio Safari Railway Review


 This week Kier and I have had so much fun trying out a new Brio Train set. As many of you will know, Kier is a BIG fan of Trains. Not just Thomas the Tank Engine, but REAL steam trains!
Every Saturday we go Train spotting while we wait for the girls to finish their Acro-dance class, as the dance studio is right near a big Steam railway. He gets so excited when the Trains go past, it's lovely that he has something he is very passionate about even at the age of 2!

We added our new Brio Safari Railway set to Kier's train table. It looks really good on there!
I love the bright colours Brio use for their sets. They are lovely and so well made. Definitely my favourite out of all Kier's toys.

The Brio Safari Railway set comes with a track, a magnetic Monkey, a Train, a load wagon, food load, crossing point with tree and a Zebra. It is probably the ideal starter pack, or a brilliant add on if you already have a few sets.
Kier loves watching the cheeky magnetic  monkey steal the food load from the load wagon. He giggles every time. I am pretty impressed with this whole set. I think it's lovely and i love how we can change Kier's Brio sets around, making them a little bit different each day. We always leave the cheeky monkey out as he is Kier's favourite plus it adds a little educational element to the play.

Kier had a few Brio sets from his Grandparents for his 2nd birthday. He used to get quite annoyed when the magnetic trains disconnected as he couldn't figure out how to connect them again. Now he is half a year older he has a better understanding of how these things works.
This set is for children aged 3+ but i think it really depends on the child as they are all different!

All new Brio products are designed with shapes and functions that can easily be used with previous models making it ideal to add to older pre loved sets.

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