Monday, 23 May 2016

Bratz Remix Doll - Review & Questions by Lottie


 A few weeks ago we received a lovely Bratz Remix doll to review. Our 6 year old daughter loves playing with dolls! She has all of the Disney Princess dolls and is now collecting Monster High and Ever after High dolls. She was very excited about this new doll as she doesn't have any Bratz dolls.

We thought it was very different to her other Barbie sized dolls as this one has a slightly larger head, and of course over the top features (heavy make up) some parents may not love this style of doll but Lottie loves playing with them and watching the TV shows so what harm can a doll do? The doll is great, she has lovely hair which is in good condition so far. I don't like dolls with fluffy hair that is too tatty to brush! Lottie loves her new Bratz doll Cloe and she loves the fact that Cloe has her very own  smart phone and headphones! Very ultra modern!

                                                                     The look of Delight!

Here are some Questions and answers by Lottie herself!

•What song makes you happy?  all songs make me happy
•What song makes you feel confident? songs that are good and that i like
•What song makes you want to dance? soft songs like the ones we dance to at Ballet 
•What song makes you want to sing? songs i know the words to, i know the words to disney songs!
•What song reminds you of your favourite people? i think disney songs cos i watch disney films with my family and we all really like disney films.

There are 3 Bratz remix dolls available to buy, currently priced at £12.99 from Argos. Lottie is already saving up her pocket money to buy the other 2 to add to the collection!
I am thinking we are soon going to need much bigger doll storage for Lottie!

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