Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Zootropolis - What we Thought

We laughed so much at the trailer for Zootropolis when we first saw it a few months ago, we agreed that it was one not to be missed and we would see the film at the Cinema as soon as it came out!
So today seemed like the perfect opportunity to see it as the kids are still on school holidays.

The girls were so excited when the film started. They loved all the characters, especially Judy, a cute bunny with big dreams. Judy is determind to make it as a Police Officer, the first ever of her kind.
The film shows how Judy meets many challanges along the way, when she finally gets her dream job as a police officer she isn't chasing after bad guys or anything she hoped for, she is assigned to "metermaid"
Whilst giving out parking tickets, she meets Nick, a sly fox who is up to no good. After getting off to a bad start, Judy and Nick become close friends when Judy is finally given a real case, to find a missing Otter and return him to his wife and children.
Not as easy as it sounds!

In my opinion the film is probably quite hard to follow if you are only 5 or 6 years old!
Still, Lottie (6) and Amelie (8) really enjoyed it and laughed at all the funny parts.
I was glad i decided against taking Kier (2) as it would have been way over his head and he may have even been scared at some of the noisy fighting scenes.

What Amelie thought:
I liked the film a lot, it was so funny. I dont think i ever want to be a police officer because it looks very dangerous! I liked the popstar animal she was good (Shakira)

What Lottie thought: Some parts were scary and i jumped a bit but it was a funny film and i did like the sloths.

Zootropolis is a highly rated film, all the kids at school will be talking about it when they go back next week so i'm glad my 2 have seen it and enjoyed it.
I am going to rate the film 8/10. I liked it but i didn't think it was as funny as the last 2 films we have seen with the girls which was Hotel Transylvania 2 and Alvin and the Chipmonks.

Have you seen this film yet? If so, what did you and your kids think?
Please leave your comments below :-)

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