Friday, 15 April 2016

The Siblings Project - April

 So far this month we have managed to have some lovely days out as a family. Nothing too amazing as we are saving up for a Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris, something we missed out on last year.
Our children arn't too keen on big expensive days out to theme parks or Zoo trips or any of those fun but very expensive things, sure they love doing fun things like this but they never ask to go to places. At the moment they are happy to listen to what options there are (Park, Beach, Softplay centre) and then decide which would be best (after a few disagreements of course!)
They love going for long walks in the country park, feeding the ducks, bike rides. They have so much fun as they are all quite "outdoorsy"  type children. Maybe this will all change soon but for now we are enjoying how we spend our days together and look forward to treating the children to some little holidays and fun days out in the Summer break :-)

Not the best quality picture for the Siblings project, but the picture captures the enjoyment being had from a simple visit to the Park, I love natural pictures like this. Now the Weather is getting warmer we are looking forward to many more Park days out complete with Picnics and ice cream!

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