Monday, 25 April 2016

Sweets Dreams or Bedtime Bedlam

I'm a mummy of 3 - that means I've been through toddler Bed time Bedlam x 3!
I am writing this post because i know what it's like to have a toddler who for some reason or other.. just doesn't want to go to sleep, so he/she won't. I'm no toddler sleep expert, i'm far from it but when you're going through a bad time with your toddler it is always nice to read stories from other Parents and realize you're definitely not alone!

We will start with Amelie, our first baby!  First always worst in my opinion!
Because they were at one point your only child so it didn't matter if you spoiled them rotten or if you
didn't want to follow routines or for whatever reason Bedtimes were just a nightmare so you gave in and let them sleep in mummy and daddy's bed! (we've all done it!)

Amelie went into her own room around 6 months old. We put her in her cot and then sat down on the floor and held her hand until she fell asleep!!!! UH OH!!  Looking back i don't know why we thought it was a good idea to do that. We broke her out of the habit of falling asleep with mummy or daddy next to her cot just before she turned 2, it was pretty easy actually! I remember being very surprised at how quickly she learnt to fall asleep by herself.
However, as she got older she became more fussy at bedtime, She wanted the light on all the time.
When she was 4 she went through a stage of having nightmares almost every night, she would get so upset and have to come into our bed... some nights we hardly got any sleep because of how bad her bedtime routine had become. Luckily it didn't last long.. about a month if that?
Now Amelie is 8 (nearly 9) and i wouldn't say shes great at falling asleep even now! She goes to bed at 8pm and sometimes reads for 15 minutes. Sometimes she falls asleep right away and sometimes she comes back down the stairs to tell me shes having bad thoughts about ghosts and can't get to sleep! When she does this i know she wont be going to sleep any time soon!
I may be wrong but part of me feels Amelie may be like this at bedtime is because of the months spent holding her hand at bedtime as a toddler... maybe it gave her a reason to think there's something to be scared of? Lottie and Kier luckily have been great at going to Bed since young babies. We experienced a bit of bed wetting with Lottie when she was 4, something Amelie never did. Kier is great now but was a nightmare as a newborn baby!

When Amelie was a baby we never had a fancy Baby monitor, just a cheap one with a tiny little night light!
It did the job so we were happy enough with that, we used it again for Lottie and for Kier, but unfortunately it broke a few months back!
We had no idea better things were to come! A few weeks ago I was asked to try out a brand new Motorola MBP853 video monitor to review! I was quite excited as i have always admired my sisters one!
We don't really need to have a monitor now that Kier is 2 and a half... but i was really loving the idea of being able to watch him sleep because i never go into his room when he is asleep cos i'm scared of waking him up!

We set it up right away when it arrived. I thought it would be really complicated but it was SO straight forward! There is so much about this Monitor that I love!
The Camera is amazing giving a very clear picture,  it's very sturdy, it has 360 degree tracking night vision which works really well, it has a room thermometer, 2 way microphone and plays lullaby's for baby.
I like being able to view and control it through my iphone via the Hubble app. This is the most amazing piece of technology I have ever used!  It comes with a monitor screen so you can use that if you prefer.
Obviously I have nothing but a £10 Tixylics monitor to compare it to.. so yes, to me this Monitor is the best thing since sliced Bread!  Sometimes I use it in our Playroom so i can keep a eye on the girls while i'm cooking the Tea, it's great 'cos with this Monitor in there I actually know who hit who first!!! They haven't figured out how I know yet! :-)

For parents going through Bedtime problems with their little ones, this Monitor would be a great help, It would save many journeys up and down stairs to check if they are alright or if they have gotten out of bed. It's such a shame monitors like this weren't around when Amelie was a baby!

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  1. Wow! I find it really interesting. I wouldn't mind buying it for my precious one because that kind of gadget might be really helpful. Thanks so much sis for posting.