Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mattel Play Liverpool - Review

 During our recent visit to my home town of Liverpool, we were lucky enough to have a fantastic opportunity to review a brand new play centre at my favourite place, the Albert Dock.
It wasn't your every day soft play centre either, far from it! It was a Mattel play centre, home of Thomas, Bob the Builder, and Fireman Sam!

For Kier this place was like a dream come true, the girls really enjoyed it too as everything in there was so different to your usual childrens play centre things.
The first part of the building was a mini Thomas land, complete with a huge Harold the Helicopter ballpond! Kier had to much fun climbing inside Harold and making his blades spin around, Harold even had a little slide in the back of him!  The Sodor Coal shed - a pit full of large blocks of foam for the children to stack was really good fun for all of the children.

The girls enjoyed climbing inside the huge Trains, Kier was a little unsure of them but he liked looking at their faces at the front!  The mini railway track was very cute, perfect for tots Kier's age. kier is usually terrified of rides but he loved this one as i got to push him around myself.

After spending a good hour in the Thomas section we then went over to Bob the Builder's section. Kier loved the huge yellow Digger, although again he wasn't sure about climbing up on it.
We found a little room full of Duplo blocks, Kier loved this and it kept him entertained while his sisters had a go at drawing some Bob the Builder characters in the next room.

After 20 minutes or so we headed over to see what Fireman Sam's section had to offer. The first thing we saw was the huge rescue Boat. Kier couldn't wait to get on this and have a go at steering. Amelie and Lottie loved the air filled hose pipes at the back of the Boat.

The children all loved the ponti pandy shop, they each had a go at being the shop keeper while the others pretending to pay for their shopping. It was very cute and lovely to see them all role playing.

Next we had a go on the huge fire engine. kier didn't seem to have a fear of this one being a big fan of fire engines! He loved pressing the buttons inside the fire engine and all the gadgets on the outside of it too.

We spent 2 hours having fun at Mattel play, it was perfect for Kier and the girls seemed to have a good time too even though their wasn't anything particular girly there for them.
This fun new play centre will definitely be one to visit again on our next trip to Liverpool, and we can't wait!

To visit Mattel Play it is best to book online and choose a day and time you would like to visit. The staff were very friendly and helpful and i'm sure they would be happy to assist you with your booking if you needed any help.

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