Thursday, 7 April 2016

Making school holidays fun and stress free

School holidays can be seriously stressful, especially if you’re the mum of more than one child. While we love having our little ones home for a few weeks, being with them 24/7 and having to find ways to entertain them can easily lead to stress. That is if you aren’t smart about school holiday planning. If you come up with a list of ways to keep the kids busy during the school holidays, you’ll find the times that they’re off much easier to manage.


To help you make the holidays more fun, I thought I would share a few of my favourite ideas for keeping your little monsters entertained. To ensure that every base is covered, I’ve split them into three sections; days when you have to work, rainy days, and sunny days.

For days you have to work:
kids club.jpg

Working and kids just don’t mix, so if you have to work during the holidays, you need to find someone to watch them.

A great option is booking them into a kid’s club. There are so many clubs to choose from that no matter what your child’s likes, there’s sure to be one that’s suitable for them. If you check out the Little Squigglers website, as well as the site for your local sports centre, you should be able to see what clubs there are available.

Another option for days when you have to go to work is to arrange play dates for your kids. This can be with their friends, neighbours or cousins. Or, if you can’t arrange a playdate, how about letting the kids spend a day with their grandparents? A day at grandma’s house is always a lot of fun - think baking, sewing, and collage making.

Ideas for rainy days:

pizza making.jpg

School holidays and rainy days can be an absolute nightmare. However, if you have go-to activity ideas, there’s no need to panic.

A trip to the cinema can make a great wet weather activity. There are always lots of child-friendly films on in the school holidays, as well as plenty of deals on tickets, so this could be the perfect option.

Swimming is another fun wet weather activity. The great thing about it being, if you encourage your kids to do lots of splashing about, you can tire them out. Look for a local pool that has slides, a wave machine, and other child-friendly facilities.

If you’re stuck at home, baking, watching movies, and pizza making, are all good options. The best ways to keep the kids busy at home is with a range of different activities.

Fun activities for nice weather:

bike ride.jpg

The great thing about sunny weather is that there’s no limit on what you can do. From nature walks to picnics in the local park.

If it’s warm and sunny out and you’re lucky enough to have a beach close by, pack a picnic lunch, grab the buckets and spades, and head to the beach. There’s no better way to spend a sunny day than relaxing on the beach while the kids splash about.

How about heading out for a relaxing bike ride? If you’ve all got bikes and have a road-free bike trail nearby, this could be the perfect way to burn some energy.

There you have it, all the best ideas for fun and stress-free school holidays.


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