Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Healthy Living for Toddlers

 In pregnancy we worry if we are eating the right food for our growing bundle, even taking  pre-natal vitamins just in case! Later on it can be hard to know if our little ones are getting the nutrients they need. As parents all we can really do is offer the right foods and hope they will eat it. What if they don't like eating fruit and veg?
It's so tricky with little ones, we can't explain to 1 year olds that their bodies need vitamins to keep them healthy, you could try to explain it to a 2 year old but if that 2 year old is anything like mine then he won't want to hear it!

Out of my 3 children only 1 of them loves to eat fruit and veg,  Lottie, who is 6, would happily choose some Blueberries or an Apple over a chocolate bar!  I find it quite difficult with Amelie, however she knows if she doesn't eat her veg she won't be having a treat after dinner. This doesn't seem to work with Kier, he doesn't like any veg at all and completely refuses to eat any!

I have started buying some healthy alternatives to Crisps as all my kids love to munch on a packet of Crisps when watching TV!

               Image result for cow and gate super yummies  Image result for cow and gate super yummies

These super yummies Spinach Bread sticks from Cow and Gate are perfect, 2 out of 3 of my children loved them. We have also introduced some Rice Cakes to packed lunch, both pots came home empty which is a good sign!!

There are so many healthy Crisps and sweet alternatives on the market. There seems to be a new one out every month! It's great to know our children can enjoy a treat without worrying about how many sugary snacks they are having.

Try making it fun for toddlers with big imaginations. They will love something like this.

Image result for fun fruit faces for toddlers     Image result for fun fruit faces for toddlers

These simple but fun ideas are great and take hardly any time to prepare. You can come up with some for Dinner time too. There are so many ideas on the internet so get searching and have fun!

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