Saturday, 16 April 2016

First 5 things i'd do if I won the Lottery

 I'm not really a big gambler, in fact I only recently started using Multilotto. After my recent win on the Grand National (only £33 nothing big!) I have been thinking about what I would actually do if we ever won big money. Would it change me? Would it change my family? Would we move out of our house and live in a huge mansion somewhere? Would we have more than one house? What the children still go to School or be home schooled? It's amazing how much your life could change if you won the lottery, but scary to think about how much you as a person could change! The idea of it scares! Me and Matt recently had this conversation and we agreed that we would keep our lives pretty much the same, the only thing that would change would be our need to work so much! Oh, and all the hundreds and holidays we would be going on of course!!!

Here are the first 5 things I would do with my winnings!

Book holidays (and lots of them!)

I love holidays! Child free cruise getaways and family holidays to Disneyland... I just love them but money is
always an issue when it comes to booking a holiday so unfortunately we don't get away as much as we'd like to. This would be the first thing to change if money wasn't an issue!
I would travel to all the places i'd love to see, and i'd try out every single cruise line there is!

Give to Charity's and Family/friends

It would be amazing to help out all of our family and friends financially, to take away the money worries that people have to face everyday. I would also want to donate some money to charity's such as Cancer research and Save the Children. It would give me so much pleasure to be able to help out.

Visit the Titanic

Yes, you read it right!  I am a Titanic obsessed freak and have been since a young age!
It costs £38.000 to travel 2 miles beneath the Atlantic in a Submarine to see what is left of Titanic. It's a lot of money i know but this is something that I have always wanted to do, and a big lottery win would be the only way i would ever be able to do it! I can only hope that Matt would want to come with me otherwise i'm on my own with some other Titanic loving freaks!!!

Hire help at Home

By this i don't mean a Nanny. That really doesn't appeal to me and i would never do that to my kids!
But it would be amazing to have somebody do my washing and ironing for me, we would have a Cleaner, a Gardener and without a doubt a Cook, and a bloody good one!
I would have tutors to help the children with their learning, and music lessons so they can all grow up musically talented!

Go shopping!!!! 

I would love to take the children to London to some of the most amazing department stores to splash out on new toys, bikes, clothes, everything they need! Obviously i wouldn't let them go too crazy as i would still want them to grow into decent people and not filthy rich spoiled brats! But if we had millions then of course we are going to let the children have some fun with it!

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