Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Baker Ross Craft Fun

 This week we have been getting busy again with our Baker Ross supplies. This month we got some great "Boyish" crafts perfect for Kier's age, he loves his Baker Ross craft session at home with Mummy when the girls are at school.


Kier's favourite was making wind up Dinosaur Racers. These are super cute and i've never seen anything like this before in the world of children's crafts! It kept him interested because he knew once he had finished making the Dinosaur he could get down from the table and play with it, rather than just hang it on the wall to look at!

Pack of 3 - £3.99
Pack of 15 - £18.75

Later on we also painted some lovely wooden Sailing boats. This kept Kier occupied for another 15 minutes or so and we have kept some back for the others to paint at the weekend.
Kier's lovely paint splattered Sail boats is on display in his bedroom, he's very proud of it!

Pack of 6 - £2.75
Pack of 30 - £12.90


The girls have been busy painting some lovely Unicorn ceramic money banks. They haven't quite finished yet... it seems to be a working process! I am looking forward to seeing how great they look when they have finished them, and how much money they can save!

Painting your own money bank like this would be a great idea for something to do at a childs birthday party!
I will keep it in mind for Kier's 3rd Birthday, maybe we will buy some Dinosaur ones!?

Pack of 2 - £2.95
pack of 10 - £13.90