Friday, 25 March 2016

Step into Spring - My Must-Have List!

 Easter weekend is here, the shops are full of lovely brightly coloured clothes and everywhere you look there are pretty yellow flowers! We have even been lucky enough to enjoy some really warm sunny days.
Although i hear Easter weekend is going to be a wash out, we are still looking a head to the warmer weather and beginning to buy the children some new things for their wardrobes as well as some lovely things for myself!

    I am loving the giant Gnome family available at Asda. I look at them every time i go in to do my
    shopping and i am always tempted!! I haven't bought one as of yet but i think i will do just as soon as i get
   Easter! The tough part is deciding which one! I love Granny Gnome!
   £20 each from Asda

    Everyone Summer i find myself browsing at Slides for the Garden, they look so fun but its hard to find
    one that will suit all 3 children. Kier has a Little Tykes play cube with a slide, he never uses it!
    I think he prefers bigger slides so we are going to get a medium sized one to keep all the kids happy.
   I love this one from Smyths, they have quite a good selection to choose from.

   £99.99 from Smyths


  I just love Tea Dresses, they are my favourite thing to wear as they are comfortable and look really nice.
  I have a lot of dark colour dresses so it would be nice to buy some chirpier colours ready for the  Summer. I have my eye on this Secret Garden Dress.

£42.00 from New Look

 I really need to start getting some new clothes for the Girls, Amelie has had a big growth spurt and now all her 7-8 t shirts look very small on her, she really needs some new 8-9 tops. Shes really getting into fashion and she prefers to choose what she wears herself so i do have to be careful when choosing clothes for her.
I know any day now she will tell me she doesn't want to dress the same as her little sister!
I really like this outfit!
Top - £2.99 H&M
Treggings - £6.99 H&M

Amelie is going on her very first School residential trip in April, she has brought home a long list of things she will need to take with her including a pair of trainers! Amelie has never owned trainers as shes such a girly girl! She has been asking for some because all of her friends have them, now that she actually does need them i will have to start looking around! I quite like girly colours like these Adidas trainers from Brantano.
£26.00 Brantano

My little chap is in desperate need of some new Shoes. I usually get him Clarks shoes but last Summer i managed to get a lovely pair of Vans from Ebay for a very reasonable price.
I am hoping to get some more for him this Summer.

Around £18-£25  Ebay

Be in with a chance of winning a family day out worth £500

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