Friday, 18 March 2016

Our Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter Party - Post Party

On Wednesday we hosted a FUNtastic twitter party, Kier, Tyne and Lottie had so much fun joining in different activities in the 2 hour Social party. We tweeted pictures live on Twitter as it was going on.

We started our Twitter party by watching Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nick Jr while waiting for our party guests to arrive. Our first activity was the Sink or Float challenge. We were given some objects to put inside plastic eggs and place in a bucket of Water to find out if they would float or sink. After we tried all the objects to children set off to find more things to put inside the eggs. The children learnt that even the floating things would eventually sink once the eggs filled up with Water.
They all really enjoyed this activity, it was great to see them working together as a team and having so much fun!

Next we created some Chocolate Biscuit car wheels out of Wagon Wheels. The children used icing and lots of yummies to decorate their biscuit wheels with. Needless to say they loved doing this and ate their biscuits right away! I was impressed with how well they did, even Kier who is only 2 did a really good job and loved being involved with this activity.


Next we took part in the Maths activity, we were suppose to race our Blaze cars down the ramp and with a tape measure we should have measured the distance each car went to find out who the winner was, but that didn't really go to plan as the boys wanted to race the cars together without taking turns and Lottie was enjoying skipping with the tape measure rather than measuring anything! They still had lots of fun doing this even if it wasn't how it was suppose to be!

Next we sat the children down at the table, they had a drink and a bit of food and then set to their final activity... coloring in!
This was a nice calm end to our social media party and the children loved the Blaze colouring sheets.
They also took some home in their party bags.

Kier has enjoyed the whole Twitter Party experience, his favorite part was trying out the amazing Toys from the New Blaze and the Monster Machines range.
These super fun toys are available now at all good toy shops.

Don't forget, you can watch Blaze and the monster machines every day on Nick Jr and Nick Jr Too.
Visit NickJr online to play fun online Blaze games and activities.

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