Thursday, 31 March 2016

Frozen Shaker Maker Review


 Today we have been trying out Shaker Maker, we have had one before when Amelie was younger but i don't remember it being as good and easy to use as it is now!
There was no mess, no spills, and the girls didn't have to wait very long for their plaster statuette to set and be ready to Paint.

Its very simple really. All we had to do was fill one half on the Shaker cup with warm water up to the line and put the chosen mould in the other half, seal the cups together (there is even dots to match up to be sure it is properly sealed) and begin shaking for 30 seconds, then un screw the cups and leave to set for around an hour. Then the fun part, painting it! Paint brush and paints are included in the set.

The box includes 2 packets of Powder, enough to make 1 of each mould. I have seen the Shaker Maker powder for sale in toy shops and i'm sure it can also be ordered online for a reasonable price.
This is a great creative toy, it would make a great gift for children aged 5 years and up as all children this age love to do creative things and most little girls love Disney's Frozen!
There are other Shaker Maker sets available such as Disney Princess and Shopkins.

                              The finished Product! It even comes with a stand to display your masterpiece!

                            Shaker Maker is available from most good toy shops price around £9.99

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