Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Gift Guide


                                                             Chocolate Ideas

Everybodys favourite fancy treats in the shape of Easter!
I am a big fan of Ferrero Rocher and I love hos they make Bunny shaped boxes
for Easter and Christmas Tree shaped ones in December.
A lovely alternative to an Easter Egg!

I love Cadburys Chocolate, it's by far the best choice when choosing which type
of Easter Eggs to buy for your family.
I enjoyed trying out this new one with Oero Mini Chocolate Eggs, the eggs are also sold separately.

When it comes to Mint Chocolates it just has to be Elizabeth Shaw! These Easter
 Eggs are amazing, I love how the egg is also made from mint crisp Chocolate just like
the little round Chocolates which are included in this Egg.

         Non Chocolate Gift Ideas

This Easter Bauble is a must for all Yankee Candle lovers, it includes 3 beautifully scented
Wax Melts. Summer Scoop wax tart, Cappuccino truffle wax tart, and a 
Jelly bean wax tart.  Just lovely!!

          Priced £7.99

I am loving this Dotty Tea for One set. It is perfect for a Grandparent who isn't bothered
about Chocolate but loves a good old cuppa!
Includes 1 Tea cup and stacking Tea pot.

from Avon priced £10

These Bathroom scales are not like any i have ever seen before! Terraillon Web Coach Scales are simple to use and includes a body fat analyser which connects to your smart phone!
The perfect gift for somebody watching their Weight this Easter!

To keep in shape, stay connected to your Web Coach

● Analyse your body composition : weight, body fat, muscle mass,
   body water and bone mass
● Large removable screen to place it where you want
● Connected to the Wellness Coach app for long-term monitoring of key indicators
● Cutting-edge connectivity with up to 8 smartphones simultaneously

                                                                                      Available online

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