Monday, 14 March 2016

Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter Party

 Kier is a typical 2 year old little boy, he loves Trains, Boats, Cars, Planes, everything boyish!
 He has recently started watching Blaze and The Monster Machines on Nick Jr. As he loves watching it on TV i thought it would be a great opportunity to host a Blaze twitter party and review a Blaze toy!

Kier's older sister Lottie, 5,  quite likes Blaze too, as does their cousin Tyne who is nearly 3.
All 3 plus a little girl I look after will be joining in the fun this Wednesday, we will be eating yummy treats and playing really fun activities. All the fun will be shared live on Twitter from 1 - 3pm #NickJrBlaze don't forget even if you arn't hosting a Twitter Party you can still win some prizes!

We are all so excited!!

Today Kier has been playing with his new Blaze transforming Jet. This is such a great idea for a toy, Kier doesn't have any toys like this one and he loves playing with it.
Blaze has all the sounds and many phrases from the TV show, roll him along and lift him up to see his wings appear from both sides!

Kier loves copying what Blaze is saying. He loves rolling the big chunky monster wheels along the floor. It goes pretty fast on wooden floor!
We are currently loving watching Blaze and the Monster machines on Nick Jr, it's one of my faves as well as Kier's!

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