Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What Kier did next..... The Naughty Toddler Post

I decided to write this post after my traumatic experience today. I have decided as sweet and lovely as my 2 year old boy is, he is actually very hard work! I'm not saying all boys are hard work, my nephews don't do any of the crazy things Kier does so maybe it is just the nature of this angel faced little boy.

Kier is the kind of toddler that you can not take your eyes of for a second, if you say "stay there" then he will run away, it doesn't matter where about you are, he will do the opposite of what he is told, simply because he finds it fun to be a little mischievous. That's ok, i dont mind mischievous at all! But when he does things that are dangerous and refuses to listen to me when i am telling him why it is dangerous, that's a different story!  I know he is only 2 and a half, but he has to start learning to listen and follow instructions before he gives me a heart attack!

Today Kier ran out of Toddler group at school, he opened the front automatic doors at the school by himself and was out in the playground all by himself before i noticed he had left the room. As i was searching the building for him, he was walking further and further away from the school building (we didn't think he would be outside because of the closed doors) luckily the school gates were locked, but what if they were not locked?! My toddler would be out on the road by himself. He managed to sneak away from me and out of the room without anybody seeing, he managed to sneak past the school's office and press a button that opened the automatic doors by himself without anybody seeing! I didn't think a child of his age would be able to do something like this, my girls would never have done anything like that because they would be to scared for a start... but not Kier, he's not scared at all. He does what he wants to do and doesn't think twice about it.


This isnt the only time he has worried me! A few weeks ago in the school car park he ran away from me. I took him out of his car seat and stood him next to the car, right away he just started running very fast and laughing. He's difficult to catch up with because he is so fast.

I am quite worried about his safety and always looking for ways to make such a young child understand the dangers of running away like this. Kier is due to start nursery school in April and i am very worried he may find a way out of the school and run away! Obviously i will warn staff that he does like to run away!

I would love to read more about strong willed children and the best way to deal with them, although my girls love to be naughty now by arguing with each other and general cheekiness, they never acted like Kier does now at this very young age.

                                                Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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