Thursday, 25 February 2016

Unique Children's Bedroom Designs

If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect bedroom for a little princess or a cool den for a mini football fan, look no further. Using the Internet for inspiration, you can create incredible looks without spending a fortune. There’s also an amazing array of interior products available nowadays. Check out independent boutiques, chain stores and online retailers. Here are some of the best ideas out there to help you create your own unique children’s hideout.

Pirate ship
Pirates are a perennial favourite with little ones. When children are still very young, you can have loads of fun with designs and go the whole hog when it comes to themes. If you have a pirate in training in the ranks, why not turn their bedroom into a galleon sailing the high seas? Use wooden barrels for storage, bright blues on the walls and portal windows. Create a distressed treasure map to go on the wall and use a boat-shaped shelving unit for books and toys. Use wall stickers or freehand painting to add some palm trees to the walls and complete the look with tropical bedding. Add plants to emphasise that island feel.

Princess palace
Lots of little girls are fond of princesses, and it’s really easy to achieve an amazing look on a budget. One of the best ways to create a dramatic feel in your princess’s bedroom is to hook up a swathe of material to produce a four-poster effect over the bed. Many princess themed rooms feature a lot of pink, but don’t be afraid to buck the trend and go for purple, yellow or gold instead. Dress the bed in luxurious looking fabrics with cushions and throws and make a feature of the dressing table. Childrens Bean Chairs provide the perfect base for reading stories and recording the day’s adventures. Add lamps and fairy lights for ambience.

Explorer theme
If your child is all about action and adventure, an explorer theme is ideal. Place a large world map on the wall and a telescope in the window. Use vintage trunks for storage and decorate shelving units with globes and animal figurines. Choose neutral shades and greens for a safari vibe or dark blues and blacks for an astronomy theme. If you like to travel, you can mark the countries you’ve visited on your wall map with coloured pins or mini luggage tags.

Natural look
If your child loves nature and animals, you can create an idyllic wildlife-themed space. Go for clean colours and bright green accents and decorate shelves with all kinds of stuffed animals. Adorn the walls with flower lamps and tree stickers and use giant leaves to form a canopy over the bed. Finish the look with giant animal-shaped bean bags and leopard, zebra and snake printed cushions and throws. If you have pets, you could also put up some pictures of your children holding and cuddling them.

Decorating is hard work, but it can be really fun, especially with young children. Channel their interests, encourage them to get involved and let your creativity run free.

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