Saturday, 20 February 2016

Spring is upon us - Cleaning Time!


It's that time again, February half term is almost over and the shops are crammed with delicious looking Easter treats. It really is time i started to think about Spring cleaning my home, this year it will be more exciting than ever before because we have only been in our new home for 6 months so it is still very clean and well organised! Something i'm not used to!

Here is what i plan to do to make the house feel lovely and clean in time for the Easter break.

!   Strip the Sofa and Cushion covers and give them a wash in the washing machine

!  Deep polish and Hoover all bedrooms including under the beds

!  Go through the children's wardrobes and replace winter clothes for lovely Spring clothes

!  Tidy up the Garden and plant some lovely spring Plants

! Wash the chairs and dining table

!  de-clutter any cupboards that are looking a little untidy

!  Tidy up the Play room and send any un wanted toys to the charity shop

When you have a house with lots of wooden floors Mopping can be quite a chore!
I had been saving my fantastic new Vileda mop for my first Spring clean in our new home. I thought i should test it out just to make sure it works alright though!
I did have a sponge mop before which i thought worked really well, but since using the Vileda mop i could never go back to a sponge mop!
I couldn't believe how much easier it was to use, and how well it gets into all the corners. We have dark wooden floors throughout out front room, dining room and conservatory, so it was very important that we had a good mop for all this cleaning!

After mopping the whole house i notice how much quicker the floors dried, probably because i'm not used to using a real mop which can be rung out. My older mop would leave the floor soaking wet which meant it look a long time to dry!

I love using this mop and i can't wait to use it again! 


  1. Great mop :) x

  2. Yep, it's pretty damn fantastic!! :-D

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