Thursday, 11 February 2016

Smart Devices - How did we get by without them?


Last week, my partner and I were having a discussion about tablets and smart phones. I decided that it might be a good idea to have a family Tablet, one that the children can play games on but also use it to research for their homework, Matt could use it for his invoicing and I could use it to do my online grocery shop.  Matt didn't really agree and thought it would be better to only let the children use the Desktop computer. Amelie and Lottie currently have a vtech explorer, which is a kid safe tablet used only to install Vtech game apps and take pictures on. It's good but it works out to be quite expensive because each game costs around £7 - £15 to download and install! We never did really come to an agreement on the Family tablet and i know the subject will pop up again in a few weeks time!

The children use tablets at school for their research, they already know how to use one before we have even decided whether or not we are going to purchase one!
It is amazing to think just how much we use these tiny little electronic devices and how they erase the need for other items such as a Camera, Video Cam, memo pad, calendar, Radio, newspaper.... the list goes on and on!
I am loving the latest gadget of being able to control your heating from using an App on your smartphone, you can even purchase a smart Kettle which saves you from getting up to actually boil the Kettle, unfortunately i don't think it can make your drink and bring it to you.. maybe in another 10 years, who knows?!

I often wonder what amazing technology will be around when the children are all grown up and have kids of their own, what will their kids be using? Will tablets be a thing of the past with a new gadget to replace it? It's a very interest topic and i plan to read more about it and hopefully write up another post about this subject, maybe when we get our new family Tablet!! :-)

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