Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to spoil your child in a GOOD way!

Every mum wants to spoil their children, but the idea of spoiling them makes some parents shiver. It is as if you can turn them into bad people by spoiling them, which isn’t the case. Of course, you don’t want to spoil them for all the time because that may have an effect. But, treating them to something enjoyable once in awhile is a great way to put a smile on their face and yours. Here’s how to make it happen.

Cook Them Their Favourite Meal

Let’s face it – everyone’s favourite meal is not healthy! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be your favourite meal. Children are the same, and they love junk food. On the whole, you may like to keep them away from it to protect their health. However, the odd fast food meal from time to time is not going to kill anyone. Plus, it is also not going to break the bank because it is affordable. Just click here for more information on the prices. An indulgent meal is a great way to spoil your kids.

Tell Them how great they are

As a parent, you may not like to praise your kids all the time because you want them to keep their feet on the ground. However, praise is a great way to boost their confidence and their self-esteem. By treating them to a compliment, you can make them happier within themselves. Kids are temperamental and any negative comment can affect them in a bad way. Negate this by showering them with a positive one instead.

Go On Family Trips

The idea of going out with the family may not be their first choice for a good time. But, they will soon change their mind if you go to a place that they love. Once they hear that you are going to a theme park, for example, they will forget about how they look. Instead, they will focus on having a good time and enjoy their day out. Not only will they enjoy the theme park, but they will also appreciate you for giving them the opportunity to have a good time. The great thing about a family day out is that you can bond and grow closer as well as enjoy the day.

Buy Them A small Present from time to time

A present is a brilliant idea as all kids love a good gift. Although it may seem like you are overindulging them, it is a good way of promoting good behaviour. If they have done well in school, say, you may buy them the latest video game. The video game acts as positive reinforcement and encourages them to carry on performing in school. If they do, they may get more gifts as a result. This method is called Pavlovian conditioning, and it works.

Invite Their Friends Around For Dinner

Kids love to play with their friends. By inviting a bunch of their friends around for dinner, they will be much happier. Plus, they will also learn how to socialise and interact. Both of these traits are vital components of growing up and functioning in the ‘real world’.

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