Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Guide to a child friendly Garden

My fellow mums know that a garden is a luxury when you have little ones. It gives them chance to explore the outside world, and get away from the TV and gadgets. It’s eco-friendly, and great for their development. After all, when we were young, we spent hours outside in the open air! Nowadays, it’s a little more difficult to get children to enjoy the outdoors. I was discussing this with friends recently, which is when the idea for this blog post popped into my head. If we want our children to love the outdoors, we have to create the perfect outdoor space for the family. Here’s my advice.

Lawn area

First of all, try to make room for a large lawn area. It’s the perfect place for the children to explore and unleash their imagination. Perhaps the grass is the moon, and they have to bounce around in zero gravity. Maybe it’s a pirate ship, and the patio is the shark-infested sea. The lawn is the perfect, safe playground for your little ones. Try to keep it neat and trim by mowing it regularly. Tighten up the edges with a strimmer, and keep it well fed over the winter months.


Naturally, you don’t want your children getting carried away, and exploring the next-door-neighbour’s garden! Try to make sure your fences are sturdy and secure. I suggest repairing them once a year, and keeping them topped up with protective varnish. If you don’t have any existing fencing, you’ll have to consider post hole drilling to set up your fencing area.


In my experience, children love flowers. The bright colours and fragrant smells get their senses working in over-drive. One fantastic idea I picked up along the way is letting your children choose their favourite flower from the garden centre. Let them plant it, and put them in charge of looking after it. It gives them a small sense of responsibility, and instils a consideration for living things. Try it yourself!

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