Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Five perfect Gifts for Expecting Mums

We’ve just had Valentine’s Day, and you’ll have no doubt showered your other half with plenty of romantic gifts and treats. If your partner’s expecting a new baby, you may not have thought about gifting items that will come in useful once the little bundle of joy arrives. We all love presents every now and again, and one thing that makes a great present is its practicality. With that in mind, I’ve found five excellent gifts that all expectant mums will go gaga for.

Changing bags

Ok, so changing bags might not seem like a glamorous or romantic gift. But your partner will love the forward thinking behind this present. These are items that every parent needs without a doubt, and there’s no point waiting until baby arrives to buy one. There are some very fashionable designs out there, so you don’t have to buy something drab and uninspiring. Take a look at these Leather Changing Bags for a classy take on this standard item.

Teddy bears

Not many women can resist a cute and fluffy teddy bear! And neither can many babies! You can make this kind of gift even more special by buying a custom design teddy with your names on. Of course, if you fancy getting a custom design you might need to wait until the baby arrives and you’ve named him or her! Teddy bears are a great way to mark the special news of pregnancy or passing a significant milestone during the pregnancy. And it's also something your child will enjoy as they grow up!


I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. Coupons are a stroke of genius when you’re struggling for present ideas. It also means that you can both decide on the gift together, as a couple. You can also save them for when baby arrives in case you don’t know what to buy! You can get coupons for almost every store, and they often last for a good few years so you can exchange them whenever you like.

Open a bank account

New parents often open bank accounts in their baby’s name. Each week or month they’ll pay in as much or as little as they like to start a nest egg for their child. Your partner will have a lot to do once the little one is here, so why not take the stress away from your partner and open it as a surprise for her?! To open one before baby arrives you’ll have to start it in your name, but you can always change it into your baby’s name once they are born!


Pregnancy comes with many aches and pains. Help your partner feel better by booking a pregnancy massage for her. It’ll give her the chance to relax and have some ‘me time’ before the baby comes and takes any spare minutes of peace from you!

Surprise your partner with one of these excellent gift ideas. Not only will they get you both excited for the new addition to your family, but they also make great romantic gestures – not just on Valentine’s Day!

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