Monday, 8 February 2016

Chewy by Cheeky Chompers - Review

 All cool mummies and daddies have heard of  Neckerchew, the chewable dribble bibs with style! This week Kier got to test the brand new product from the Cheeky Chompers range!
Meet Bob........


Bob, who we named ourselves, is a "Chewy"  a chewable squeaky teething toy from the Cheeky Chompers range. Although Kier is past teething, he still loves his Chewy! He loves nothing more than squeezing Bob over and over again. It's a very satisfying sound! This week Bob has come along on many of our travels and enjoyed being part of Kier's everyday life around the house too.

Kier meets Bob the Chewy

Kier has been feeling quite poorly this weekend, he has had a temperature and a sore throat, so really, his new friend couldn't have arrived at a better time. His new toy has really cheered him up, he has enjoyed taking Bob out with us this weekend. I have been telling him "don't forget Bob" and off he runs to find Bob. He loves how we can attach the toy onto his pushchair for the School run every morning. Kier really doesn't enjoy sitting in his pushchair, but with Bob attached to it, he's finding it a little more fun. Squeak Squeak Squeak, the new sounds of US on our School Run!

             Bob enjoyed a cuppa with Kier after the very windy and rainy school run this morning.


                                     We also discovered that Bob makes a really good Bath toy!
We are loving Bob the Chewy from Cheeky Chompers, he is a pleasure to have in our toy box!
 He makes a perfect teething toy for little ones and also brings a lot of joy to older tots too!

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