Monday, 11 January 2016

The year ahead... My Goals for the Year


 Now it is January and Christmas is well and truly over!  I am starting to think ahead of what exciting things we have coming up and what I hope to achieve this year.
In February I will become an Auntie again, this time i don't know if I will have another super cute Nephew or  my first ever Niece! either way I am really excited as i just love Newborns!

in March Kier will be 2 and a half, I am thinking we will probably start Potty Training him then if not before!
I must admit I am not really looking forward to this at all, I have become very house proud after moving house last year and I dont even let the kids eat sweets on the Sofa so i don't know how i am going to cope with number 1's and 2's all over the floor!! eek!!!

Then I am looking ahead to the Summer, money is quite tight at the moment so i don't think we will be having a huge Summer holiday this year, probably just the usual Caravan holiday which the kids always seem to love anyway! I like to think Matt and I will venture off on a Cruise again but it is probably unlikely to happen this year, but who knows! My job as a childminder is very hit and miss, if I get busy enough i will definitely be cruising in 2016!

After the Summer I will probably be very depressed as the kids will be back at school and Amelie will be going into year 5 which is a very scary thought! I am so not ready to start looking at High Schools!!
I am just not ready for my little big girl to grow up at all! I want to keep her my Ballet Dancing Princess for as long as possible!
The only good thing about the end of the Summer is that we can all start looking forward to Christmas again and i am certain that we will be going to Disneyland Paris this coming Christmas :-)

Here is my list of Goals for this year, i am sure there will be more things added to this list at some point!

                                                          My Goals for this Year
Potty train Kier by mid April!
Earn more money!
Do exercises every night and get a fab tummy by the Summer!
help Lottie learn to Swim (she has had swimming lessons for a year and made hardly any progress)
Help Amelie learn her times tables by the end of Year 4
Gain more confidence driving (almost 6 years driving and i still wont go on a motorway!)

I am not expecting to achieve all of my goals this year, and some are more important than others, but it's good to set yourself targets and try your best. That's all you can do!

I would love to hear what your Goals are for the year ahead, please feel free to drop me a line or comment below :-)

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