Tuesday, 5 January 2016

So this is 2016

 Here it is, my first post of 2016! :-)

January - My least favourite time of year! Today i had to do my least favourite job ever... taking the Christmas decs down! It took me and Matt 3 hours to take the tree down and all the lights and then hoover and polish all the mess, and now the house looks bare and empty (apart from all the hundreds of toys!)
it just has to be the worst part of January, without a doubt!

                                                          The Build up to Christmas

The run up to Christmas was amazing, we didn't do our usual Disneyland Paris trip, or the local Pantomime! Instead we visited Peppa Pig World and saw Santa there, and we had an amazing and very magical train ride on the Polar Express (amazing!) We took part in our Towns Festive events including my favourite, Victorian Evening!  and we watched lots of Christmas films including Amelies new favourite Home Alone!!
On December 23rd (Christmas Eve Eve!) my sister threw a fantastic Christmas party for the kids, they all enjoyed it so much and I did too!

The weeks before Christmas are always the best, i think i may even prefer these times to actual Christmas Day!! Yea Christmas Day is amazing, and their faces when they are opening their presents is adorable. memories i will cherish forever! but it lasts for 1 day only and for me it's over way too quickly!

                                                    Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

 Christmas Eve is by far the most magical of all days when you have young children!  We sent letters to Santa and this year we managed to get a reply! (Royal Mail) we had Video messages from Santa himself (PNP) and we tracked Santa online. We even looked up to the sky at 5pm just after we got back from the Crib Service at Church and we saw his sleigh lit up in the sky! We have been lucky enough to experience this 2 years on the run now and i love it!  It's so magical when all of your children believe in Santa, i am quite aware that this was probably Amelies last year believing in Santa and having no curiosity about it at all. They change so much in a year :-(
The children had a story and went to bed at around 8.45, Kier and Lottie went to sleep straight away but Amelie stayed awake until around 9.30! She didn't admit it but i think she was scared about a random fat man coming into her room in the night!!! The girls woke up at 8am, Lottie first and then Amelie. We ran down stairs and they opened all the presents, Matt and I got a pair of scissors each and a packet of Batteries and started to open boxes and battery up the toys on request!
Kier woke up around 9.15, he didn't really know what was going on but he was happy to see the presents and loved playing with his new Train set.
At midnight we got dressed and went off to visit Matts parents, followed by my parents which was lovely as we didn't get to see them on Christmas last year due to my mum breaking her hip!
We had more presents followed by a big scrumptious Christmas Dinner cooked by my mum :-) later on my sister and nephews arrived. We didn't get back home until 11:20pm!! We all had such an amazing day.

       Boxing day was good fun, the kids spent the day playing with their toys, and me and Matt spent the morning stamping on the cardboard in the recycling bins trying desperately to fit more in!!
 Later on i did a Buffet and all the family came over which was nice. After that I hit the sales, the only good thing about the days after Christmas!! :-)

 So that was our Christmas, full of fun and laughter! I am already counting the days to next Christmas!!
Well.... not quite, but i am excited! :-)   Happy New Year!!

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  1. awwwwwww lovely hopefuly you get at least another year out of amelie :-) there is no doubt about it children make christmas sooooo special xxx lovely post