Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Rainy Day Fun with a Toddler

 The weather lately has been so miserable in not so sunny Devon. We haven't let it spoil our fun though, here is what Kier and I have been up to last week when the girls were at School :-)

Toddler Group Fun

Kier and I attend 3 local toddler groups weekly. He seems to enjoy them more than Soft Play centres as he loves to get involved with activities and join in singing with the other toddlers. The groups cost hardly anything and there are so many around that we can attend different ones each week so Kier gets a bit of variety! His favourite group is Mini Music, he loves this group because he gets to sing his favourite nursery rhymes using props, and eat his favourite thing, Cake!
I want to start taking Kier swimming as part of his weekly activities, he is a little nervous in the water so i plan to get him splashing about in the pool and loving swimming as much as his sisters do!

                                                                    Out for Breakfast 

We occasionally take Kier out for Breakfast, i think it is important for him to have some time with Mummy and Daddy without his sisters, as when they get home from school to demand a lot of our attention and Kier can sometimes feel a bit left out. We take him to our local Beef Eater restaurant as they have a great selection of food and children can eat breakfast for free in the week!  A nice treat without costing too much!

                                                       Welly Walks and Puddle Hunting!

Kier is a proper boy when it comes to getting mucky! Just after Christmas we bought Kier his first pair of wellies, these have become his favourite thing! He just loves going out for a walk in his Welly boots looking for puddles to splash in! It seems the muddier the puddle is the more fun he has splashing in it! Do I enjoy getting splashed with muddy water? No, I try to keep my distance from him whilst he his wearing his reins so still safe and sound :-)

I will continue to share anymore Rainy Day fun ideas with you as it looks like the Rain isn't going away just yet!  Please feel free to comment and let us know what you like to do with your children when the weather is miserable :-)

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