Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Craft by Baker Ross

 This week we have been doing some Christmas Crafts to get us in the festive spirit. We love Baker Ross Crafts, it always goes down well with the kids and they enjoy doing Crafts at home so much.

                             Today we are going to try out Sewing some christmas Stockings

                                                             Now just £2.49 at Baker Ross

We have been doing some sewing with the girls (Kier was too young for this one) they loved sewing, i really didn't think Lottie would get the hang of it as she has never done Sewing before, but she did so well and completed her Snowman stocking all by herself!

Lottie is very pleased at how well her Snowman Stocking turned out!!!

Kier and Lottie created some lovely Snowman Coasters

Now £3.60 from Baker Ross

The coasters were much easier for Kier to do. He just loves stickers, hes very good at peeling them and sticking them so this activity suited him and he really enjoyed it. He was extremely proud of his Snowman Coaster!

These are just some of the fantastic Childrens crafts available at Baker Ross, there are many more and we have lots more to do in the run up to Christmas. Keep an eye out for more Christmas Craft posts from us!

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