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Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2015

 I'm sure by now most parents will have already come across a long list of much wanted toys written by their children and maybe even sent off to Santa!
So maybe you don't need any gift ideas for your own children, or maybe you do?
What about nephews and nieces? What are you going to buy for them?! I don't want to worry you but it's only 18 days til Christmas Eve! Arghhhhh!!  Don't worry, you have plenty of time to order online and catch a few shops!!!   Read on for some great ideas............

Rattle Me Bones


Have some scary fun with this Electronic Rattle Me Bones Game where each player has a mission. The skeleton of Captain Boney an old pirate reclines on his treasure trove and players must creep up stealthily and steal his possessions from right under his nose. Sounds easy but if he 'feels' your touch watch out. He'll leap up rattling and shaking to scare away the thief.

  • For 2 - 4 players
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Box Dimensions: 23L x 27W x 11H cm
  • Contents: A Captain Boney skeleton, 4 red treasure pieces, a golden hat, a treasure pile base, 4 blue treasure pieces, 6 coins, 4 yellow treasure pieces, a staff and a spinner with card
  • Batteries Required: 3 AA batteries (not included)

My girls have never really been into "jumpy" games but I love those kinds of games! so i have this Game really for myself! I love it, I am hoping Kier will like it when he is a little older. We have many Drumond Park Games, I am always really pleased with the fantastic quality and how well their games turn out to be!

                                                                     Available from Smyths Priced £17.99

Seas of Ramion Book

The 20th October 2015 sees the publication of a new Ramion collection
Seas of Ramion’, fantasy adventure stories for children and everyone who is young at heart. Written and illustrated by Frank Hinks it is published in hard back embossed in gold, a book to enjoy and treasure.
Sometimes it is nice to put the kindle and tablet away and enjoy hearing the pages turn and the smell unique to traditional reading

My 8 year old daughter has this book and she loves it. There aren't many books that she reads all the way through but this one she did and she really enjoyed it.

Available from Amazon priced £9.99

Worry Eaters 

We all have worries, but they're often difficult to express so we bottle them up inside. Enter the cuddlesome Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters. These friendly little critters survive on a nourishing diet of your fears and doubts and they have a truly insatiable appetite, so there's no need to hold back. Just write or draw your anxieties onto pieces of paper and feed them into the gaping mouth of your favourite wide-eyed Sorgenfresser, then zip it shut and let them feast. 

This is such an amazing ideas, my eldest daughter has so many worries, especially when she goes to bed at night. I am hoping this Worry Monster will help to understand her worries and make them better for her.

Available from Firebox priced £19.99

Irish Fairy Door

Would you like to welcome a fairy into your home? If so, then we have good news for you! The Irish Fairy Door Company has now landed on UK shores with its range of high quality, handmade wooden fairy doors. Created by life-long friends Niamh Sherwin Barry and Aoife Lawler, along with their husbands Oisin and Gavin, The Irish Fairy Door Company helps fairies relocate into human homes, classrooms, gardens and woods with its range of beautiful Irish fairy doors, which can be installed just about anywhere. Once in place, the creative team at Fairy HQ ensures direct access to Fairy Valley, so the magic continues long after the fairy has moved in – with ongoing magical messages, play ideas and stories delivered to children and parents who register their fairy’s name on the website, via email and an app.

A magical gift for a little Girl who loves Fairies and all things magical! Amelie has always been into Fairies, this is her 2nd Irish Fairy Door, she loves them. They look beautiful in her Bedroom.

Priced £20  Available in many stores or online

This brightly coloured children's initial shaped jigsaw is available in every letter of the alphabet; children will adore this puzzle in their own first name initial! This high quality, traditional, wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again and its especially themed whimsy pieces make it a treat to complete. 

        A lovely gift idea that most children arn't likely to already have, I love gifts like this that are fun but
       also personal. Lottie loves her L Jigsaw.

                                       Also available in Dinosaurs Alphabet Jigsaw
                                                              Priced £14.96
                                                            Available Online

                            Great Gifts for a Smaller Budget

Frozen Music Set
A great gift for any music loving Frozen fan!
Priced £9.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy

Olaf Soft Pal

SoftPals are the perfect Christmas companion, the glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom.
 They can be used as a portable guide light during festive play and bedtime. Switch on the SoftPal light for five minutes by simply tilting it

                                     Priced £14.99 -  Available from Argos, Shopdirect, Amazon and B&Q

                                                          Something a Little Different?....

SQUARE BUBBLES by wow stuff

Making a square bubble is a seemingly impossible feat – well, no longer! Inspired by Stephen Fry’s demonstration on the TV show, this kit has everything you need to make your very own square bubbles!

priced £7.99


Hydrophobic Sand has been treated with a silicon gas to cover the sand particles, so as soon as they come out of the water they are bone dry! This product will amaze family and friends. Also included is Sand-Putty - it’s so amazingly tactile!
A specially formulated sand that can be molded in to any shape, sculpted with a tool to make impressive structures, or simply played with.

priced £12.99
Available in stores and online

These are great gift ideas for kids who already have everything or are hard to please. All kids love Bubbles and all kids love sand! My 8 year old loved experimenting with both of these sets. They provide long lasting fun and are so reasonably priced!

                                                     Lost My Name NEW storybook

 The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is a story about a child lost in space who has to find their way back home.
After seeing their name written in stars, our protagonist makes their way back to Earth in their space ship, flies over an actual satellite view of their own, real neighbourhood and eventually find their front door, which they recognise by its number. The story is so impossibly personalised that each and every book can only belong to one child.

My girls each have the first Lost my Name books, they have now read this newer one and love it. There is a page where they can see their home on a google map image which is really fun!

Available to order online Priced £19.99

                                   Derwent  Unwind in the Wilds colouring book and Pencils

The Derwent Unwind in the Wilds Colouring Book allows you to colour and relax with individual or interactive designs which are partially completed to give space for you to finish yourself. Or lose yourself on a treasure hunt and find the hidden collections within the pages offering mindfulness in an anti-stress environment.

I have enjoyed using this colouring book and pencils. I love to colour in with my children, it's great now that i have my very own colouring book! 
It's a great way to unwind after a very busy day.

Available from Amazon
Book - £9.99
Pencils - £19.99

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